Why Are MMA Fighters Always Losing Against Boxers?


There is a big competition between Boxing and MMA has been going on forever. MMA fighters and boxers fought several times in the past, with most of MMA fighters were losing against boxers. If you’re wondering why that’s the case, then you’re certainly in the right place to get the answer for that. Well, it is worth mentioning that there are two names that always come in the picture when it’s about these sports. Those names are Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. As you are on this page, and so you have probably heard of these names and indeed, maybe your ideals.

In the year 2017, the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor made a tremendous amount of money as they both showcased their skills in an extraordinary way.

After the popularity of MMA, i.e., Mixed Martial Arts and some cases of MMA fighters who lost to Boxers, there were many people who were intrigued whether MMA fighters can win over boxers or not. Well, the reason for the question, why are MMA fighters always losing against boxers is that the training system or boxers are more intense as compared to training to MMA camps. That’s one of the biggest reasons why most MMA fighters dedicated boxing workout.

To get an in-depth answer to your question, let’s explore skills that boxers have over the MMA fighters.

Why Are MMA Fighters Always Losing Against Boxers?Mayweather VS McGregor

Skills of a boxer

Well, it’s worth mentioning that Floyd Mayweather Jump (Rope Viode) is the famous name that comes in the picture when it comes to boxers of all the time.

There is no point of doubt about the fact that boxers can give a steaming challenge to MMA fighters as they are more trained and skilled. On the other hand, fighters of MMA are also known as street fighters due to the fact that they do not possess time-tested skills. The following listed below are some defending skills in which you will find boxers acing the game:

  • More power in the punch

In a fight, one of the most used weapons is a punch. If you do not have the perfect skills of punching, then there is the least chance of your winning. The professional boxers spend a long hour of their training in learning the art of punch. It is most important for a boxer to develop their style of punching.

There stands no doubt in the fact that if a fighter has innovative punching skills, they can win the game in the early few minutes. On the other hand, the MMA fighters spend most of their training hours in learning the skills of wrestling or Muay Thai. Clearly the punching techniques of a boxer are much better as compared to an MMA fighter. In this game, the one who has better methods is known to be more powerful.

  • Hand speed

Boxers have a great punching technique that they develop over the years. And during their training sessions, they get a good command over the speed of their hands. Their shots are much faster as compared to the MMA fighters. Wrestling highly influences the training of MMA fighters. In wrestling, the use of takedowns, kicks, elbows, and knees is much higher; that is why the MMA fighters lag behind in having a good hand speed. In fighting hand, speed is very crucial as with the help of your shots; you can win the game in a few minutes.

  • Improved footwork

It is true that if a fighter wants to learn excellent footwork, then there nothing better than boxing. In boxing, a lot of wining factor depends upon the footwork of the player. Boxers can quickly move out and move in, and they can find excellent angles to attack their opponents. On the other hand, people use their hands and arms in other sports like taekwondo and karate, people use their hands and arms. The movement of the foot is almost negligible in these games.

When it comes to the footwork of MMA fighter, it is said that it is not as good as that of a boxer. The reason is simple, and that is in their training, they are not supposed to pay attention to their footwork. When an MMA fighter and a boxer fights, most of the time, boxers win the game due to their better and improved footwork.

  • Enhanced defense techniques

Boxers in their training learn some effective defense tricks in which an MMA fighter lags in their training. A boxer’s training is especially focused on defense; they are made to learn the tricks of blocking their opponents, slip a punch smoothly, or roll the punch in a much effective manner. Boxers are trained rigorously in developing defense techniques. On the other hand, MMA fighters are more specialized in attacking. They are not trained in defending themselves.

  • Jab

Jab is one of the essential punches in boxing. The jab can assist the boxers in keeping the opponent at a fair distance. With better jab, the boxers are able to set up bigger and effective punch. Jab can prove to be one of the main weapons for a boxer when they are fighting with an MMA fighter. Boxers can make strategies for their jab as it can break or make their game.

If a boxer can manage to catch the fighter with hard jabs and knows when to move away so that the MMA fighter does not get the time to grab and take him down, this will certainly damage the strategy of the MMA fighter, and he will not be able to bear more punches.

Skills of an MMA fighter

Well, Conor McGregor is a famous name when it comes to MMA fighters of all the time.

Indeed it takes a lot of practice and training to become an MMA fighter, but still, when it comes to skills, they certainly lag behind somewhere as compared to boxers. The following listed below are some skills of a mixed martial arts fighter:

  • Submissions & takedown

A boxer cannot beat the tricks of submission and takedowns. It is true that an MMA fighter can win the whole game on the basis of powerful submissions and takedowns. One of the most famous tricks that they use is they duck under the punch of the boxer when he is trying to attack, and then he grabs his legs for a single takedown. For submission, some fighters choke the boxer out so that he doesn’t get the time to defend; using the Armbar holds a fighter can win the game.

  • Leg kicks

A leg kick can be considered as the most powerful weapon for an MMA fighter. During a fight, if MMA fighter keeps using leg kicks over and over at the same spot, then after some time, it is impossible for the boxer to even stand.

Final Words

As you can now clearly see that boxers like Floyd Mayweather acquire more skills than MMA fighters.

Considering the skills and training of both boxers and MMA fighters, we hope that you now got an answer to your question. Today, there are so many MMA fighters with a strong boxing background – Conor McGregor. Indeed, all fighters could benefit a lot by learning boxing.