The Best Boxing Wraps – How To Make The Right Choice

Wearing the wraps protect from injuries while boxing or doing martial arts. They also support the joints in your wrists and hands, allowing you to confidently hone your skills.

If you are into boxing, you should wear the wraps under the boxing gloves to get all the comfort and padding there is. By doing so, you can focus on your punches without worrying about abrasions, scarring, and chafing.

Note that it may be confusing to wear the boxing wraps the first few times. This is due to the diversity of techniques that boxers use. Do not worry, though! A few sessions of training, and it will become second nature.

In this article, we will cover the criteria that you need to keep in mind before purchasing wraps. After that, we will list a few of the best boxing wraps on the market.


Honor Athletics Boxing Wraps

What to look for in boxing wraps?

Ease of Use

Make sure your martial art wraps are comfortable to wear and can be easily cleaned. If you’ve never worn these before, opt for quick wraps to get used to wearing them. Once comfortable with quick wraps, you can switch to traditional designs. The latter may come with a Velcro closure to improve security and enhance wrist support.

You should also choose breathable material to prevent bacterial or fungal growth. This will limit malodorous smells after intense workouts.

Honor Athletics Black Wraps

Finally, choose a pair of wraps that has enough length to protect your hands and wrists.


When you purchase boxing wraps, you want something that lasts for many years, even with intense use. Therefore, look for designs that don’t get destroyed after a couple of washes. If you are a boxer, we don’t recommend that you use the wraps directly on the punching bag. Instead, wear them underneath your gloves, and you’re good to go!


At this stage, we wish we can tell you that a $5 boxing wrap is the same as a $50 one. In reality, the price of sports equipment is generally a very good indicator of quality. With that said, you shouldn’t let price be the only factor you consider. Read about the material, durability, and consumer reviews. To save you the trouble, we chose the best kickboxing wraps on the market after extensive research (more on that later).

What makes some boxing wraps better than others?

When considering wrist support, you need to focus on specific factors, including:

Extra padding

Extra padding in boxing wraps is an important feature that protects your hands and wrists. This material will absorb the impact and prevent microscopic injuries in your muscles and joints. While these complications may not be visible after the first few training sessions, a decade or so of boxing without gloves will be enough to cause nerve damage, ligament stretches, and articular pain.

Breathable material

Breathability is often overlooked in sports equipment. However, creating an anaerobic environment can promote bacterial and fungal infections.

It’s true that you can treat these conditions with a short course of antibiotics or antifungals. However, recurrent infections in boxers can be a real issue.

Another complication of nonbreathable materials is the undesired smell after each workout. Your sweat glands release water that gets stuck within the protection wraps creating an ideal environment for all sorts of microbes.

Secure thumb hole

As we mentioned above, there are various techniques to put on boxing bandages. However, instead of learning 10 different techniques to secure your wrist, thumb, and other fingers, we just recommend getting a pair with a secure thumb hole. This can make your life a lot easier!

Just put on the wraps, stick your thumb out of the designed hole, and wear your boxing gloves. After that, it’s all punches and kicks.

Best boxing wraps on the market

1. Honor Athletics Premium Boxing wraps

Honor Athletics Premium boxing bandages meet all the criteria we listed above. This is why they are on top of our list. This brand uses high-quality cotton (50%) and elastic nylon (50%) that provide comfort, support, and stability.

The wrap is 180 inches (4.5 meters) long to give you a comfortable feeling during training. The pair is specifically designed to protect the wrist joint during flexion and extension.

Premium boxing

It also comes with a hook-and-loop closure to make it easier to wear the wraps. You do not have to worry about complicated techniques to wrap them around your hands. What’s more, the designers of these boxing bandages paid close attention to the breathability aspect. This will keep your hands comfy and fresh.

Honor Athletics Premium Boxing bandages are fit for:

  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Muay Thai
  • Kickboxing

All in all, this is our top pick for the best boxing wraps on the market.

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2. Sanabul Elastic Professional Boxing Wraps

Sanabul boxing wraps are breathable, semi-elastic, and extremely comfortable. They will wrap around your hands perfectly.

The length of this boxing wrap is sufficient to cover all your hands and wrists. Additionally, the durability of Sanabul professional boxing bandages is just impressive!

In summary, when you wear these hand wraps, you can focus on your punching techniques rather than how uncomfortable you are with your boxing accessories.

3. Title Boxing Attack Nitro Speed Wraps 2.0

Title muay Thai wraps are ideal for beginners. The product is made of a polyester blend material with a length of 180 inches for maximum protection. These mma wraps are also equipped with antimicrobial barriers to prevent fungal and bacterial infections. Ultimately, it will stop unwanted odors after strenuous exercise.

4. Lululemon License to Train Boxing Wraps

The Lululemon brand has some of the best workout equipment on the market. The fabric tabs on the knuckles make this boxing wrap easy to remove. The product is also thick, which makes it resistant to intense workouts.

Takeaway message

Wearing martial art wraps beneath your gloves will give you amazing wrist support and help you throw more effective punches. This will also lower your risk of injury and protect your hands from chafing and abrasions.

We hope that this article managed to explain the primary factors that determine high-quality boxing wraps, as well as the best brands on the market.

If you have any questions about boxing wraps, please do not hesitate to share them in the comment section below.