Best Boxing Gloves On The Market

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The Best Boxing Gloves On The MarketChoosing the best boxing gloves? We will help you. Boxers should prioritize safety regardless of whether they are beginners or experienced. Choosing the right gloves with the proper padding will protect your fists and prevent serious injuries. However, with a saturated market, it can be difficult to find good gloves that fit your needs.To make an informed decision, you need to understand, the weights, sizes, types, and materials used to create these gloves.In this article, we will cover a few criteria that determine whether a pair of gloves is good or bad. After that, we will list our picks for suitable gloves on the market for your needs!What makes boxing gloves good?Boxing gloves come in various sizes and weights. We measure the weights in ounces from 10 to 20. As for the size, it mainly depends on the amount of padding.As a general rule of thumb, heavier gloves tend to provide more protection; however, they will also slow down your punches. If your goal is strength training, you should opt for heavy gloves. Conversely, lighter gloves are more fit for speed training.Beginners may want to stick to heavy gloves. This is because they are prone to injuries, and heavier gloves will decrease the chances of that. Just make sure that your hands are comfortably snuggled in.While pricing is generally a good indicator of quality, it’s not always the case. You don’t have to opt for a very pricey pair of gloves to get some good quality. Our list below will cover 5 products, two of which are above $100.What size boxing gloves should you use?Unlike other exercise equipment, boxing gloves are not gender-specific. Instead, you will choose a pair of gloves based on your size. More specifically, you should focus on the size of your hands and the purpose behind purchasing the gloves. If you just want to train, you may want something different compared to fighting gloves.The following sections will give you a general idea of how to choose boxing gloves based on your weight:What size boxing gloves should men use?Under 100 pounds – Opt for 6 to 8 oz gloves100-150 pounds – Opt for 8 to 12 oz gloves150-175 pounds – Opt for 12 to 16 oz glovesOver 175 pounds – Opt for 16+ oz glovesWhat size boxing gloves should women use?100-125 pounds – Opt for 10 oz gloves125-150 pounds – Opt for 12 oz [...]