Everything You Need to Know About Ryan Garcia Reflex Workout

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about Ryan Garcia’s reflex Bag Workout. Boxing is one of the most famous sports worldwide, and there are many boxing fans who prefer boxing over the other for specific reasons. So, if you are a boxing fan and Ryan Garcia is your favorite boxer, then you have come to the right page as here you will get to know everything about your most liked boxer, i.e., Ryan Garcia and Ryan Garcia Reflex Workout.

With a luxurious lifestyle, good looks, and an impressive boxing technique, the Mexican-American boxer Ryan Garcia is not exactly short on confidence. This 22-year-old boxer has already compiled 21 professional wins from as many fights, following the WBC lightweight interim title won over Luke Campbell, a London 2012 Olympic gold medalist in Dallas in 2021.

If this information excites you to learn more about Ryan Garcia Reflex Workout and his boxing career, then continue reading this article till the end as we have got you covered with more exciting information about the young boxer Ryan Garcia.

How Is Ryan Garcia Working on His Reflex Skills?

You might think differently, however, Ryan Garcia is undoubtedly one of the hottest boxers of today. The most impressive thing that got him noticed on social media platforms was his tremendous hand speed. The hand speed and coordination in Ryan Garcia Reflex Workout including his Double End Bag Workout is undeniable. For a guy who fights at 135 pounds, Ryan Garcia has the incredible amount of power that comes as an outcome of his amazing hand speed.

Ryan Garcia Double End Bag

As per research, when asked about his hand speed, Ryan Garcia said he puts everything he has into the punch when he knows he is going to land it. He pulls all of his stamina and energy into the punch. Another thing that makes Ryan Garcia a popular boxer is that he can fire off 2 to 5 punches in less than one second. It’s hard to believe, right? Moreover, Ryan Garcia said that he does not lift weights and has only been seen performing high rep dumbbells for his shoulders.

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Ryan Garcia Reflex Bag

This is how Ryan Garcia is continuously working towards increasing his speed skills through regular workouts. Now, let’s brief about Ryan Garcia’s boxing career.

Ryan Garcia Boxing Career

Ryan Garcia is a boxer fighting in the Super Lightweight and Featherweight divisions. Although he was born in the US, he involves his Mexican heritage in his persona and is seen carrying both the Mexican and American flags.

During his initial years in professional boxing, Ryan Garcia gained much popularity after knocking out Miguel Carrizoza in less than 30 seconds. As an amateur, Ryan Garcia held an impressive record of 215-15 in boxing. Later he made his debut against Edgar Mezza, winning the boxing match by knockout (TKO). In addition to this, Ryan later defeated Cesar Alan Valenzuela from the US in 2017. Fernando Vargas Parra from Mexico in 2018 to retain the championship.

Ryan Garcia Career

Ryan remained undefeated as of March 30, 2019, when he fought against Puerto Rico’s Jose Lopez and beat him via corner retirement (RTD).

Out of 15 matches, he has won 15 through knockouts and 3 through decisions. In short, among multiple professional boxers, Ryan Garcia fought against

ryan-garcia king

  • Jayson Velez
  • Mario Aguirre
  • Noe Martinez Raygoza
  • Mario Macias
  • Luis Lozano and much more.

To date, Ryan Garcia King has won 14 different titles for his nation and has been nicknamed “The Flash.”

The different titles won by Ryan Garcia involve Junior Olympics, National Pals, Junior Golden Gloves, and Silver Gloves.

This was just a brief about Ryan Garcia’s boxing career. Henry Garcia is a Boxing Coach Ryan’s father, let’s have a look at how his father trains him!

Henry Garcia: Father & Trainer of Ryan Garcia

It may sound pretty strange, but in reality, Henry Garcia is a father and trainer of Ryan Garcia.

Ryan Garcia Father

Henry Garcia, the father of Ryan Garcia, wanted to be a boxer himself, but he ended up being a trainer. Ryan Garcia began training at the early age of 7 along with his brother and was trained perfectly by his father. The training of Ryan Garcia with his father was supposed to take place in the family garage and not in the gym. Both his parents are USA (Amateur) Boxing officials. Ryan Garcia presently trains under Eddy Reynoso, but his father remains the second assistant in the training team.

The parents of Ryan Garcia were highly involved in his amateur boxing career. They both continue to guide and assist Ryan with their professional boxing career and his father, Henry Garcia, remains one of his trainers. His mother, Lisa Garcia, works as his Administrative Assistant for all the commercial projects.

Ryan Garcia and Boxer Canelo: Working Out Together

If you are a fan of Ryan Garcia, then you might have surely heard the name of Boxer Canelo. Multi-division World Champion Canelo is a physical specimen who has always seen spectacular glory in the boxing ring. This legend has beaten some of the top punchers and has cemented him amongst the greats of the sport.

By the Way, Additional information for the fans Canello is defeated by Floyd Mayweather

In many videos on social media platforms, you can see Ryan Garcia and Canelo are doing boxing workouts together. The boxer Canelo Alvarez has offered his help and support to Ryan Garcia after the featherweight announced that he would take some time away from professional boxing.


Boxer Canelo plays an essential role in Ryan Garcia’s recent win over the fighter Like Campbell. The Mexican star mentored the current Interim WBC lightweight champion, assisting him with a thing or to regarding dominating the opponents in the squared circle. In short, it’s always good to see both Ryan Garcia and Canelo Alvarez working out together.

The Bottom Line

All about Ryan Garcia, a young boxer with the fastest hands in boxing. This 22-year old is already one of the most marketable athletes in the world. At the age of 22, what can an ordinary man achieve? A satisfying job? Or a school degree? Well, all this will sound nothing for what this boxing star has achieved because Ryan has gained more than enough at this age.

So, if you like Ryan Garcia and love his boxing style, then this article on Ryan Garcia Reflex Workout will help you to learn more about this hottest boxing star.

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