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Honor Athletics in Toronto is currently offering In-Home Personal Boxing Training in the Rosedale area for anybody that needs a more interesting, athletic, and challenging fitness experience.

The Rosedale personal training packages are based around boxing; however, you won’t need to get into a ring or face off against anyone. Instead, these in-home persona training sessions are all about fitness, skill, and getting you back on track and into a fitness regime.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a Rosedale one-on-one personal trainer, then let’s review everything so that you can make a decision that could end up being a fantastic change for you.

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Rosedale Personal Training
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We provide In-home personal training service in the Rosedale area. If you are looking for a professional and experienced fitness trainer that can help you to have fun, while developing your skills and increasing your cardiovascular health, you are in the right place.

Benefits of In-Home Personal Boxing Training

Our training methods use boxing because it’s one of the most effective and fun ways to get fit, strong and increase your endurance and stamina.

You do not need to be a boxer, already fit, or have any kind of fitness experience. Our Rosedale One-on-One personal trainers will provide in-home personal training to anybody at any level so that you can get all the benefits listed below.

You get a customized personal training plan, so the training is set up to match your abilities and push you a little every session to improve.

With this type of personal training, you get a wide range of benefits, including:

Improve Your Balance and Coordination

A lot of boxing involves quick movements and changes of direction while targeting pads on your Personal trainer’s hands. This type of activity trains your mind and body to improve balance and coordination, all at the same time.

Lower Stress Levels

Hitting objects relieves stress, especially when those objects can’t be hurt or hurt your back. Boxing is a fun and healthy way to reduce the stressors of your day.

Compare a boxing session with one of our Rosedale personal trainers to a Peloton bike ride; both options can be used for in-home fitness training but let us know which one sounds more fun and reduces your stress more.

Are You Ready For In-Home Personal Training?

If you’ve been convinced to try Rosedale in-home personal training, then that’s fantastic news, and we’re looking forward to matching you with one of our private trainers.

Your next step will be to book your training, do it now before your enthusiasm drops off.

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Do You Still Go To the Gym?

As a busy professional in the Rosedale area of Toronto, you’ve probably found that going to the gym isn’t as safe or convenient as it used to be, so training at home has become the norm that most people are accepting. However, with limited options for exercise, people are using whatever they can to get a workout in.

If you’ve decided to spend some money on virtual workout classes or brought yourself a peloton, you’re probably finding that it’s boring to do and that it’s easy for you just not to do it today.

In Home Fitness

Without the accountability of going to the gym or meeting up with a personal trainer, people are falling into bad habits and skipping the gym that they’ll just do “tomorrow.” But of course, tomorrow never comes, and you’re now eating a bag of smart pop popcorn on the couch while you watch Netflix.

It’s time to add some accountability, fun, and exercise into your life so that you can be the fittest, strongest, and best version of yourself.

The answer is in-home personal boxing training with one of the expert trainers from Honor Athletics. As we mentioned, we’re offering personal in-home training in the Rosedale area of Toronto.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Short, frequent bouts of high-intensity training (HITT) are proven to strengthen and condition your heart, making it stronger and better able to handle the stress put on it during your day-to-day life.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

This type of exercise is part of what your Rosedale personal trainer will be putting you through during your training session.

Numerous studies show that HITT and boxing, in particular, reduce your risk of heart disease significantly.

Fat Loss

Boxing for fitness is HIIT training, and HITT is the most effective method for losing fat. Research has shown that shorter high-intensity workouts like HITT burn fewer calories but more fat than any other kind of fat loss training. So you exercise for a shorter time but lose more fat.

Losing Fat

Your goal is always fat loss and not calorie loss, so you burn the fat and keep the calories for the rest of your body to use, which means you won’t be as tired as going for an hour bike ride.

Whole Body Strength and Conditioning

Throwing a punch is a whole-body process. From your feet pushing into the ground, your back and arms driving your fist into the pads, and your neck and head bracing for impact with the pad. In addition, your core muscles are tensed as you strike, all the while you’re moving and conditioning your body in a HITT workout.

Every part of your body gets strengthened and conditioned while you’re working with your Rosedale private trainer.

High Blood Pressure

Boxing and all HIIT training have been shown to decrease blood pressure, which reduces your risk of heart issues. When comparing boxing to a standard cardio training program, Boxing is the most effective.

Rosedale Private In-Home Personal Training

If you’re in or close to Rosedale in Toronto and you’re looking for in-home personal training, then our team will meet and assess your needs to provide a completely custom one-on-one personal training package for you.

You don’t need to be a boxer or ever get hit to use boxing as an effective training method. Our private trainers will teach you everything you need to know while getting a fantastic all-over workout in, without ever having to leave home if you don’t want to. Though if you want to exercise in the park, at your office, or anywhere that has enough space, our personal trainers are up for it!

Boxing isn’t all about throwing punches, and that’s even more true when you’re using it as a fitness method rather than a combat sport. In-home boxing training with our personal trainers will use boxing as a core component but customize your fitness plan to you, the environment we’ll be in, and any specific equipment you may have.

If you’ve got no equipment that is absolutely no problem, our personal trainers will bring all the required equipment so you can have an effective personal training session.