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Spring is here and this is the best time to work out.

We are offering private and In-home boxing and fitness lessons. Our classes are designed to help our clients work out effectively in a safe environment. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a nice and healthy workout by the lake in downtown Toronto?

Start Your Boxing Workout Journey With The Most Experience and Educated Trainers


Onur, the founder of Honor Athletics, discovered his passion for boxing at a tender age while witnessing his father coach the esteemed Turkish National Boxing team. This early exposure to the sport inspired him to embark on a professional boxing journey, eventually winning the Turkish Championship of Boxing. However, it was in teaching that Onur found his true calling.

Throughout his career as a professional boxer and coach, Onur had the opportunity to train alongside some of Turkey’s most skilled and experienced boxers. His unwavering dedication and natural talent for boxing left a lasting impression on his coaches and peers alike.

By integrating fitness science into his boxing instruction, Onur has been able to develop tailored training programs that cater to the individual needs and goals of each client. This fusion of disciplines ensures that Honor Athletics’ clients not only learn authentic boxing techniques but also achieve optimal fitness results.

At Honor Athletics, the focus is on delivering top-notch boxing education and fostering a supportive environment that encourages personal growth and development. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated trainers, clients can rest assured that they will receive exceptional training tailored to their individual needs and goals.

Honor Athletics, also known as Boxing Downtown Toronto, serves as the platform through which Onur shares his enthusiasm for boxing and fitness with the local community. By fostering an environment of learning and growth, Onur and his team at Honor Athletics continue to inspire and transform the lives of countless individuals every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Boxing is a great workout to lose weight in a short period of time, and when you do boxing it help you to improve your (Coordination, Balance, Endurance, Stamina and Power).

In addition, it is observed that individuals who do boxing workout build confidence faster than other fitness methods.

The answer is yes. Not only are our dedicated trainers very experienced in fitness training, they also have fitness science diploma which enables them to train people with specific prescriptions. 

Examples include increasing mobility, gaining muscle mass, maximizing flexibility, reducing the likelihood of injury or working with an existing injury.

Yes, you can get boxing lessons, if you are age 50 or older. However, you need to consider finding an expert who understands and can meet your needs.

You can start boxing with an experienced and knowledgeable trainer.

We adjust our time based on our client’s demands and schedules.

You do not need any equipment to begin, Honor Athletics team provides all essential workout equipment. If you would like to keep working out with us, we recommend you have your own personal boxing gloves and jump rope.

It does not really matter if you are a beginner or intermediate level. We will design a bespoke program for your physical fitness condition and experience level. Endurance and strength improvement is our workout priority. You can definitely lose weight and increase your muscle level in our safe and trusted workout system.

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  • Honor Athletics provide great boxing workouts and endurance training. I've learned so much from Onur and I'm always inspired by his motivation. I recommend Honor Athletics for anyone who wants... read more

    Daniel Allen Avatar Daniel Allen

    I was a bit hesitant to start working out but Onur showed me how smooth it can be and helped me a lot. Very friendly and professional trainer. Highly recommended.

    Subutay Ünlü Avatar Subutay Ünlü

    Great coach and overall great person. Onur is patient and does not rush things. He makes sure you learn everything you need to know while still pushing you to the... read more

    Dennis P Avatar Dennis P

    The best boxing trainer in Toronto. Thanks

    Wei Song Avatar Wei Song
  • I've been to so many traditional trainers, only for the same results, every time. I go in motivated and for only 2 months! I think the Honor Athletics team really... read more

    Sven René Avatar Sven René

    Honor Athletics trainers are very helpful. I was worry about getting boxing lessons because i have never done boxing before, but they really hooked me with a lot of fun... read more

    Ersin Yumak Avatar Ersin Yumak

    My wife got me the lessons as a Christmas gift and it's been one of the best gifts I've ever received. Amazing, knowledgeable training and one hell of a... read more

    Romey Halabi Avatar Romey Halabi

    Onur is a great instructor when it comes to boxing, fitness, and making you feel comfortable with trying something new. He has a great ability to teach new movements, push you... read more

    Stefan Vidakovic Avatar Stefan Vidakovic
  • Onur is an amazing trainer. You will not only see great results, but you will have a great time working out. I loved the way he incorporated boxing routines. His... read more

    Serkan A. Avatar Serkan A.

    I have been working with Daniel for the last 2 weeks. Overall, we did a lot of boxing techniques and endurance training. I really like to try different workouts and... read more

    christoff gabriel Avatar christoff gabriel

    I purchased 10 sessions and loved every session I attended. The instructors were great and varied the workouts to the ability of each class. I always felt I got an... read more

    Patrik Behrami Avatar Patrik Behrami

    To be honest, I was very afraid about learning some boxing, they encourage me and help me to boost my confidence to patiently my skills!! You do not only get... read more

    Amilcar Morshed Avatar Amilcar Morshed
  • Great Trainers, central downtown near the financial district, it's hard to find someone professional these days. I was not sure in the begging but, now I look forward to my... read more

    alexia bierwagen Avatar alexia bierwagen

    It’s was my best training experience

    Alpenes Fatih Kasap Avatar Alpenes Fatih Kasap

    "Onur has all the training gear very helpful to work on particular movements."

    Seba Istanbuli Avatar Seba Istanbuli

    They are excellent with training children. When my son first started, he was unskilled. Now he's got the basics down, and he's working on a skill. I'm so grateful I... read more

    Emily Mecava Avatar Emily Mecava
  • The only place I’ve literally been able to stay for more than 2 years! Honor is my trainer we do 2 times a week trainer with him and sometimes I... read more

    K Bensebaa Avatar K Bensebaa

    Onur is great! He is very educated in terms of his boxing skill, and is adaptive in terms of his methods. Solid personality too. I would highly recommend him... read more

    Rosta Jones Avatar Rosta Jones

    This by far is the best fitness lesson I’ve ever had and Onur is a great mentor. I’ve been meaning to try boxing way back as I’m a fan of... read more

    Melanie Llantino Avatar Melanie Llantino

    Onur is an amazing coach who is very attentive. This is my first time trying out boxing, and I am already picking up alot of techniques in a short period... read more

    Francesca Cheng Avatar Francesca Cheng

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