One on One Outdoor Boxing Training

Summer is here that is the reason why, we offer you one on one outsider boxing training. Boxing can opt as a very fund and effective workout. It is such a magic exercise in which the person needs to be fit. If you want to lose weight, get in shape and learn self defance Honor Athletics is here to help you.

Our boxing lesson are unique,because we combined old school boxing with modern fitness. Yes we can make you fit, and it can lead to have a very good shape.

Training can be taken by various modes like you can go for an Outdoor Personal Trainer, or Outside Boxing trainer.

One on One Outsider Boxing Training

Boxing Training

Boxing training is basically a method used for training for everybody so that they can become fit and healthy. This training can be done with the help of an outdoor personal trainer.

The methods and types of exercise to be done depends on the person. The workout for each individual varies according to their level. It is the point at which they are in their life that decides the work out needed.

In case the the person is a beginner he/ she needs to include the smallest about of exercise in their routine, we will help you with that. So you will learn as to how to get in boxing guard position or Jump Rope. It can also include doing shadow boxing with your trainer In this, a learner can practice even skipping rope, and mitt work they all possible to do with outdoor Boxing Training.

One on One Outsider Boxing Training

Equipment needed

Not only getting fit is the requirement of the boxer, but it also requires him to have the equipment. The safety equipment that all you need for boxing training requires is hand wraps, Jump rope, heavy bag gloves, and sparring gloves to protect the hands. Likewise, headgear, groin guard, mouthpiece are used to protect the head, mouth, etc.

  • Here are some of the pieces of equipment you will need for outdoor boxing lessons.
  1. Jump Rope
  2. Boxing Gloves
  3. Hand Wrap

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Don’t be absent-minded about protection, and make sure to take all you need.

Floyd Mayweather Jump Rope


The boxer if needs to become proficient and want to stay fit can use the following training equipment. The boxer needs to get trained by the following exercises, which should be done in the guidance of a personal trainer. The exercise can be done properly when done under an outdoor boxing training.

  1. Jump Rope: It is the type of exercise used by those used by the one’s training for boxing. Jumping rope is considered as a classic cardio warm up for boxing. It is the best way to increase your hear rate.

This is something which all us had been seeing from the time when we were quite small. This exercise helps a lot, there is nothing difficult in it. But to make it harder you can try to do it, as passing the rope twice below from the feet in just one run.

In this, you can also try crossing the rope in front of you during a swing.

  1. High knees: It is also one of the exercises used in training for boxing. In this, the trainer must try lift knee within line with the hip so thigh is parallel to the floor.
  2. Heel Tap: In this type of exercise all you need to do is to stand with hip and width apart. After that bend right knee bring foot towards the butt. The idea behind this exercise is to bring your heels as closer as you can to your butt. This will increase the strength and also benefits in stretching.
  3. Sprawl: This is a move that can be used by the boxer, to prevent a takedown from the opponent.
  4. Sprinter hops: In this exercise, all u need to do is, start in a sprinter’s position. That means by keeping the right knee bent, left leg straight behind you, and left fingertips on the floor.
  5. Cross Over: Very popular jump rope style for boxing

Bring left knee forward and up.

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  1. Shadowboxing: This exercise can be considered as the prime way, in which the boxer can work on his footwork, form, and the technique of breathing.
  2. Mountain climber: In this exercise all you need to do is, to just start in a high plank position, wrists under shoulders. Then Bring one knee in towards the chest, almost like doing high knees in a horizontal position. In the meantime alternate legs, engage the core to support the spine and keep hips in level with shoulders.
  3. Fast feet: In this, all you need to do is to stand on feet with hip-width apart and fists at jaw in guard. This should be done with knees slightly bent, shifting weight back and forth between feet, staying on balls of feet for agility and speed.

In this exercise the quicker you move, the harder it is!

So try to keep core engaged and upper body as still as it is possible.

  1. Footwork switch: In this exercise, you need to hop and rotate at your hips to land with feet facing one side and the body should face forward. Consider the opponent and hop again to the fighter in the opposite.

This is often used as a tactic by the boxer to throw off an opponent. Continue to switch your stance as fast as possible.

Let, Talk About Professional Boxing

Moreover, boxing is similar to other martial arts where boxers are classified on the basis of weight. So the boxer needs to keep an eye on its weight. Many a time boxers do take advantage of weight. Sometimes they do starve or do dieting so that in they can come in the category of lower weight. This can increase the chance of winning as later on they can work on it becomes easy for them to win in that category.

The boxing is such a profession for which the boxer needs to train itself from a personal trainer. An outdoor personal trainer is the one who can surely lead to the best development of the boxer.

Interesting Facts

Many times it so happens that the boxes do cheat in the ring rich can lead to the end of their boxing career.

  • For instances, Antonio Margarito a famous boxer and he caught with plaster in his gloves. This lead person questions all the achievements.
  • One more such incident is that Luis Resto who was a light punching journeyman. In a fight with Billy Collins, lead to the end of Billy’s career. Resto ended the career of Billy by using illegal pads.

Many of such incidents can be in the history of boxing.

Feel Fresh With Outdoor Training

Training outdoors is a breath of fresh air, literally. The walls of our houses or local gyms can get boring after a while. Researches shows that doing any high-intensity exercise outside your house can decrease stress and improve your overall mental health. If you are planning on getting fit, the time for outdoor boxing lessons is now.

People tend to have a lot of inhibitions about working outside of a gym. It is because boxing training depends a lot on heavy types of equipment, boxing ring, etc. Many people tend to worry about the weather as well. But remember that where there is a will, there is a way.

Benefits of Toronto Boxing

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Boxing?

There are so many advantages to the sport which will have you running to get your boxing gloves in no time:

  • It improves our cardiovascular health. While boxing, many of our muscles get used up simultaneously, which also paces up our hearts.
  • It makes our bones and joints stronger. As we get older, it becomes more crucial for us to have strong bones. Outdoor boxing can help with that.
  • Boxing is the kind of sport that necessitates a lot of coordination, which also improves our hand-eye coordination.
  • Boxing can help you lose extra weight. You can expect to lose 400-700 calories per hour on an average training day.
  • Outdoor boxing engages your core muscles and makes them stronger.
  • If you want to increase your endurance and work for longer without getting tired, boxing is the way to go.
  • As you start seeing the changes in your health and appearance due to playing the sport regularly, it also boosts your confidence.
  • Lastly, boxing is a great way to relieve unnecessary tension and stress.

What Are the Essentials of Outdoor Boxing?

Let’s take a look at the essentials of outdoor boxing training.

  • Safety is the Priority

One of the most significant differences between training inside and outside is the scorching weather. Generally, most gyms are air-conditioned and comfortable. It is in stark contrast to the outdoor temperature.

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When you are working out of the gym, you will need to get the right apparel. Exercising clothes made out of dry-fit fabric are easy to find and keep you comfortable.

Please keep note of the weather outside. Sudden downpours or dramatic change in weather conditions can play spoilsport. If you are taking your workout routine out of the Toronto Outdoor Boxing gym, make sure to wear enough sunscreen and sunglasses to protect you against the heat.

  • Warm Up

A warm-up routine is important in all kinds of sports. It prepares your muscles for the incoming physical exertion and reduces your risks of incurring significant damage to muscles and organs.

The best warm-up exercises for boxers include skipping rope, shadow boxing, etc.

  • ShadowBoxing

Most people do shadow boxing in front of a mirror. If you are doing it outside of a Toronto outdoor boxing , you can follow your literal shadow on the ground!

Shadow Boxing is a great way to get into a nice rhythm, and you are required to move your feet, hands, and head just like a boxer.

Here are some shadow boxing combinations to get you going.

  1. Jab, Slip-Slip, Right HandThis combination is perfect for beginners and will get you going if you don’t have any prior training.
  2. One-Two, Bob-N-Weave, Left Hook, Right HandThis shadow boxing combination is a great way to get your core and legs involved.
  • Quick Plyometrics Exercises

High-intensity plyometric exercises are perfect for boxing since the latter is an anaerobic activity. Some joint Plyometric exercises include:

  1. Jump SquatsStart with your hips wide apart. As you get into a squatting position, extend your arms and keep your elbows bent. You will have to push back your hips, and your weight should be on your heels. Next, make of the balls of your feet to take a jump.
  2. Mountain ClimberYou will have to start with a high plank while keeping your abs engaged and your body straight. Bend your right knee and pull it towards your chest. Go back to the starting position and follow the exercise as mentioned above with your left knee. Alternate between your knees for a few minutes.
  3. Burpee and a Push-Up – You will have to start with a narrow squat stance. Your hands should be on the ground next to you. Kick both your feet behind you while keeping your arms extended. Follow that with a push-up. Ten to twenty reps are recommended.

The plyometric exercises mentioned above are a huge part of a boxer’s training routine. It helps condition the fighters for the training that lies ahead of them.

  • Professional Boxing

Once you start outdoor boxing training, you can make a routine out of the exercises mentioned above to work out your body and get better in the sport. Before starting your boxing exercises, two-three minutes of warm-up is necessary.

Outdoor training has tons of advantages and confers upon boxers a much-needed change of scenery. The outdoors lacks in pieces of equipment more than makes up for it in the environment and overall ambiance.

Just like other martial artists, boxers are also classified based on weight. If you wish to pursue the activity professionally, you will need the help of a personal trainer to keep you in shape. Some outdoor personal trainers can get you out of your house and into shape in no time.

To Sum Up

Boxing is one of the best sports out there. As fulfilling as this sport is, it also demands a lot of training and dedication. If you want to do outdoor boxing training, you will not get the advantage of gym pieces of equipment and large rings.

Consequently, you should hire the services of a professional boxing trainer to mold you into shape and help you turn your passion into an excellent boxing career even!


To sum up about one to one outsider boxing training. Boxing as a career is best. If you are getting training sessions fron a personal trainer then, it is the trainer who can help and guide you to build the perfect career. It is by the training the boxer can become more efficient in boxing. This is not quite possible in the case of general training. In order to be a good boxer, you can take guidance from the outside boxing trainer.