Old School or New School Boxing Training

Old School or New School Boxing Training? Boxing is a big and important sport now in many people’s lives as boxing earlier was just a sport which people used to do in their spare time. Also, before, boxing wasn’t conceivable for normal people; only professionals were allowed to do boxing, but as time changed, people’s hobbies and priorities changed. Boxing is now considered one of the most exciting hobbies, and some people even convert their hobby into their profession.

Old School or New School Boxing Training

There are two types of boxing training: old school boxing training and new school boxing training. Both have advantages as the old-school type is considered more experienced with old techniques, whereas new school boxing training counts as advanced skilled boxing training. So now it’s up to people what they choose? Experience or advanced skills pr both?

Anyways the following article has covered up about both the old school and new school. So let’s see which type of training is better.

Old School Training Method

Students can see their development after each lesson using old school boxing training methods, which provide a systematic and detailed course for them to follow. Old school boxing training techniques will be a place to share knowledge and a place to motivate students to explore and uncover numerous innovative ideas inside themselves, thanks to a staff of incredibly dedicated and excellent teachers. Students will be able to effortlessly learn and utilize knowledge by using clear and precise training methods for each class. The old school boxing training methods‘ instructional tools are assured to be the most comprehensive and straightforward.

  • Skilled By Frequency And Practice

You will become better at a task if you spend a long time practicing it. So, let’s ask ourselves a question: who is the best at what they do? Is it better to be a fighter who fights 8-10 times a year or a boxer who only fights once or sometimes a year?

It’s a lesson in skill to watch old-school boxers. Because of the frequency of their combat schedules, this was conceivable. In between their actual contests, fighters would often engage in performance fights.

New School Boxing Training

It is apparent that advances in both nutritional and exercise research benefit today’s combatants in numerous ways. Today’s fighters are followed by a nutritionist who controls the fighter’s diet with specialized meals and eating regimens in addition to their head coach, cut-man, and backup corner-man

Overall new school boxing training follows more science!

Increase Power And Speed

Plyometrics is used as an add-on to standard boxing workouts in new-school training to boost power and speed.

A reflex bag, which merges the actions of the speed bag and the double-end bag into one bag and helps build sharp reflexes, is also a suitable option for new-school training.

Honor Athletics Combined Old School and New School Boxing Workout Techniques!

With Honors athletics, you don’t have to worry or get confused about the type of boxing training you should follow because Honors athletics is the combination of both old and new schools of boxing training and believe in following both ways in their unique style. They provide a nostalgic fitness approach of modern fitness science with old-school training techniques. Everything, whether a toning total body endurance or traditional heavy bag and pad work practices.

They want their students to learn with both experience and modern skills, and that’s why they prefer to follow both old and new schools of boxing training.

Old school boxers

One of the advantages of old-school boxing was that no one tried to persuade athletes that there was a better method. There were no continual commercials for 30-day transformation regimens or particular medications to help athletes achieve greatness. There was no simple solution. Instead, there were assurances that the journey would be challenging. It was anticipated that you would be hurt. No one pretended to be anything else.

Coaches and trainers differed as well. They didn’t spend their days coming up with new social media marketing concepts. Instead, they were pleased to stick to what worked, regardless of who was watching. The strategy was straightforward but effective. Sports practice took precedence over everything else, and hard labor was the norm.

Some famous old-school trainers marked their boxing journey as an inspiration.

Old School Boxers


1) Mike Tyson

Michael Gerard Tyson is a retired pro fighter from the United States. Tyson is known as one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time, having been nicknamed “Iron Mike” and “Kid Dynamite” early in his career and later as “The Baddest Man on the Planet.” From 1987 through 1990 constantly, he was the toughest world titleholder. He was unstoppable in his initial 19 professional fights, with 12 of them coming in the first round. Tyson owns the world record for being the youngest heavyweight winner in history, having won his first championship at the age of 20 years. He uses his old-school boxing techniques to fight and even train his students in that way.


2) Muhammad Ali

Many consider Muhammad Ali to be the best fighter of all time. Throughout his career, he battled some of the best fighters of his time, notably George Foreman, Joe Fraizer, Sonny Liston, Ken Norton, and many others. Ali was a lightning-quick heavyweight boxer with incredible speed and endurance.

Ali adopted an old-school boxing training technique when it came to practicing. He didn’t do much weight lifting and instead focused on Abs workouts exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

Muhammad Ali

New School Boxers

Today’s fighters also hire strength and conditioning coaches to guarantee that they are recovered from their exercises and are in top game shape. Jumping rope, which aids in speed and power, and the use of cryogenic pods for better recovery, are among the training techniques used by these trainers!

1) Floyd Mayweather

Floyd retired from the sport with a perfect 50-win, 0-loss record. While a few of those battles were tight, he ultimately came out on top, thanks to the hard work in the gym since he was a teenager, under the careful eye of his father Floyd Sr. and late uncle Roger Mayweather. Floyd does not conduct standard rounds in which he works for three minutes and then rests for one minute; instead, he prefers to actively rest. He begins talking to someone nearby and moves exceptionally slowly while surreptitiously resting. He believes in new school training and follows the same method for it.


2) Ryan Garcia

Ryan is a serious competitor the 21-year-old boxer currently owns the WBC Silver Lightweight title and has a highly professional record of 20-0 (with 17 KOs). Even at this early stage in his career, his social media presence has enabled him to be one of the popular athletes in the sport. He makes his social media boxing videos following the new school boxing techniques, which made him popular.

Ryan Garcia Honor Athletics


So who won- Old school boxing training or the new school boxing training? Well, both boxing styles have their pros and cons. It depends upon the boxer which type of training he wants to pursue. The above article has mentioned popular fighters who have followed both old and new school boxing training. Choose which suits you!