Best in home workouts

What is considered the best in home workout? Honor Athletics can help you with that! The best at home workout is the one that costs you almost nothing, but you maximize all the benefits of working out. During these tough times of covid-19 we are forced to look for alternatives since gyms are closed. Luckily, we have so many resources to look up effect in home workouts. All you need to get an effective training is just your body weight and some furniture. In this article we will be discussing Body weight training, Set Reps/Temp and frequency and best exercises to pick when planning a workout at home.

Body Weight training

There are many benefits to using in home body weight training. Firstly, its cost is free, and you can still build your muscle like a Greek god. Doing your workout at home can also increase body awareness, giving you the ability to control certain muscles turning them off and on as you please. For example, a lot of people do not know how to turn on their glutes, this can cause a lot of low back pain and poor posture.

Another pro to body weight workout is that any one can preform these exercises at their own pace. That exercises active more synergist muscles.

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What Does It mean?

it means help stabilize joints during movement which is a good thing. With a well stable joint you reduce the risk of injuries. Body weight exercises are also safe to do, without the risk of a plate crushing your foot or a barbell dropping on your chest. These exercises are also commonly used to rehabilitate people with injuries.

Sets Reps/Tempo/frequency

It is recommended that people accumulate at least 150 mins of physical activity weekly for a in home workout. Since we are quarantined time is all we have. To reach 150mins what you could do is 30mins moderate to vigorous intensity, 5 days a week. You can break that 150mins up in the week how ever you like, as long as your hitting the 150mins week recommendation. To calculate your moderate intensity, you can use the age predicted heart rate max formula which is 208 – (0.7xage) = X. X x 64%-76% = moderate intensity for you.


be in a range of 64% and 76% percent of your heart rate max. If you do not have a smart watch to keep track of your heart rate, you could use a talk test. If you are working at a moderate level, you are only able to say a couple of words. To calculate vigorous activity level, it is 77% to 95% of your age predicted heart rate max. During vigorous activity you are not able to speak a word with out being out of breath.



For in Home workout If you are looking to build on size (hypertrophy) your muscles. You want to aim for at least 2-5 sets of at least 6-12repitions, 1-2mins of rests in between the next set and you want a slow to moderate pace.

If you are looking to build endurance, you want to aim for at least 12-15 repetitions. Aim for 2-3 sets. Less than 60 seconds rest in between each set. And you want to do a slow to moderate tempo for speed


There are many different types of sets you could use for your in-home workout.

Set Definition Pros Cons
Simple set · Same exercise in all sets · Simple to use

·Can be difficult depending on sets and rest

Superset · Quickly moving from one exercise to another with little rest between sets

· Time efficient

· May increase calories burned

· Need access to several different equipment
Pyramid set · Increase/decreasing the amount of the next set or reps

· May increase muscular endurance

· Time efficient

· Takes up a lot of time
Circuit set · Different exerc

· Can target a lot of muscle groups in a short time

· Time efficient

· Needs access to all equipment

In Home exercise

Best exercises to do are multi joint exercises due to them working multiple muscle groups. They are called compound workout. Humans have primal movements patterns; these movements are how our bodies were meant to move. it is basically multi joint exercises also known as compound exercises.

The movements are:


Hip Hinge






These can be incorporated into your in-home workout program. They all have huge benefits in building strength and longevity on your joints and muscles. These movements can also help improve daily life, such as lifting boxes onto a top shelf, pulling the power cord on the lawn mower or even going up the stairs.

In Home workout compound exercises you can do. These are some examples of the exercises you can do that work multiple muscle groups.

Push ups, great for targeting the chest shoulders and triceps and for building strength and muscle size. Variations you can do is Incline or decline push ups using furniture.

Inverted Row using chairs and a broom stick or even a table. Great for building strength and size of the back muscles such as lats, rear deltoids, and rotator cuff muscles

Lunges great for strengthening the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Variations you could do is an elevated stance using a chair or couch.

Side plank, great for building core strength as core strength is the foundation of all exercise movements. A strong core also reduces the risks of back pain.

What you need to know

You should pick how you want to do a in home workout. Either buy picking exercises you like or the different types of sets you can do. You should enjoy being physically active due to its many benefits. What I have wrote here are just my opinions and facts. At the end of the day you oversee your own life, so it is up to you to utilize this time to sculp your dream body. The only thing this pandemic has given us is time. For more information check out