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Benefits of in Home Personal Training

If you are looking for a more convenient way to get in the best shape of your life, then you should consider working with an in home personal trainer. More and more people are turning to in home personal trainers for the convenience factor, especially because they live busy lives, where work and family often take priority over achieving fitness goals.

As you may be aware, you end up wasting a lot of time driving home from work, changing into your fitness gear, then driving to the gym, finding parking, working out, showering, changing and driving home. Then, you still have to cook dinner and, all of a sudden, the entire evening is gone.

This is where hiring an in-home personal trainer can be the key to achieving your fitness goals faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your time is important and you can be very busy! In-home personal training will help you to:

  • Save Time
  • Be On Track
  • Have a Safe Workout
  • Be Comfortable
  • Have Convenience
  • Choose Your Own Training

We will help you to achieve your goals whatever they are, getting in shape, learning boxing techniques, or increasing your endurance level!

We can work anyplace you decide indoor or outdoor. We are going to come to train you at the most convincing place for you.

It can be,

  • Backyard
  • Outside of your office
  • Your condo 
  • Local park
  • Your business place

You do not need any types of equipment because we will provide them for you

All you need,

  • Boxing gloves
  • 5’x 5′ space

We can train you any time and day you want. We recommend training in the morning. We know you are busy, We are flexible to make it work for you.

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In Home Personal Training

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of working with an in-home personal trainer.

It’s very convenient

You will no longer have to waste your time dealing with rush hour traffic on your way to the gym, which will eliminate unnecessary stress from your life. All you have to do is stay home, change into your fitness gear and wait for your trainer to come to you so you will instantly save yourself a lot of time.

Get a great workout in the privacy of your home

If you are concerned that other people at the gym will judge you, then having a personal trainer come to your house is definitely a great option for you. At home, you can workout without an audience, especially if you are self-conscious about your body.

You do not have to worry as much about germs

Let’s face it, unfortunately, some gym goers do not wipe the equipment after using it, which is pretty gross. Additionally, you do not know if anyone working out at your gym is sick. Therefore, if you do your workout at home, you are less likely to catch a bug that could be going around.

In Home Personal Training
In Home Personal Training

Honor Athletics trainers will be a source of motivation and inspiration

As you may be aware, it’s very easy to come up with excuses not to go to the gym. Therefore, if you don’t have an in home personal trainer, you will be more likely to miss your workout. If you miss too many workouts, then it will take you significantly longer to get results. However, if a personal trainer shows up at your house, there is no way you will miss your workout.

Honor Athletics Trainers will give you expert tips on fitness and nutrition. In home trainers give their clients the tools they need to succeed. Therefore, you will learn how to workout anytime anywhere with little to no equipment and prevent injuries. If you have fitness equipment in your house, then your trainer will show you how to safely use it. You will also receive nutrition tips that will help accelerate your results. Your trainer will take all the guesswork out of your journey so you can focus on doing what you need to do rather than wasting time trying to figure out what to do.


If you would like to take your fitness to the next level, let the in home trainers at Honor Athletics help you. We provide high quality in home personal training to help you reach your goals.

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In Home Personal Training Blog

Introduction to Private Boxing Training in Toronto

In the heart of Toronto, a city known for its vibrant culture and sporting excellence, private boxing training is carving out its niche, offering a personalized approach to fitness and self-defense. This tailored coaching method not only caters to individuals’ unique fitness levels and boxing goals but also provides a level of attention and customization that group sessions simply cannot match.

Why Choose Toronto for Your Boxing Training?

Toronto stands out as a beacon for boxing enthusiasts, thanks to its rich history in the sport and a plethora of elite coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. The city offers a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern training methodologies, making it an ideal place for both beginners and seasoned boxers looking to enhance their skills.

What to Expect

Embarking on a journey of private boxing training in Toronto opens up a world of personalized attention and bespoke training plans. Initial assessments gauge your fitness level and boxing prowess, laying the groundwork for a tailored training regimen that aligns with your personal goals and schedules.

Benefits of one on one Boxing Training

Opting for private training brings a suite of benefits, including customized fitness and skill development plans that cater specifically to your needs, coupled with the flexibility of scheduling sessions around your busy life. This personalized approach accelerates learning, improves technique, and ensures faster progression in the boxing world.

Boxing Lessons Toronto

Selecting the Right Coach for Personal Boxing Training

The key to maximizing the benefits of private boxing training lies in finding the right coach. It’s essential to consider their credentials, experience, and coaching style, ensuring they align with your goals and learning preferences. A coach’s ability to inspire, motivate, and push you beyond your limits can transform your boxing journey.

Conclusion: Taking the Next Steps Toward One on one Boxing Training

Embarking on a private boxing training journey in Toronto promises not just an improvement in your boxing skills but a transformation in your overall fitness and mental strength. With the right coach and a tailored training plan, you can unlock your full potential, whether you’re stepping into the ring for the first time or aiming to refine your techniques. Toronto’s vibrant boxing scene offers the perfect backdrop for your training, blending tradition with modernity and providing an inclusive community for boxers of all levels. Now is the time to lace up your gloves and take the first step towards mastering the art of boxing in this dynamic city.

FAQs About Private Boxing Training in Toronto

Toronto’s private boxing training stands out due to its diverse coaching talent and rich boxing culture. The city boasts a mix of seasoned professionals with international experience and young, innovative coaches who bring fresh techniques and a modern approach to training. This diversity ensures that individuals can find a training style that resonates with them, in […]

One on One Outdoor Boxing Training

Summer is here that is the reason why, we offer you one on one outsider boxing training. Boxing can opt as a very fund and effective workout. It is such a magic exercise in which the person needs to be fit. If you want to lose weight, get in shape and learn self defance Honor Athletics is here to help you.

Our boxing lesson are unique,because we combined old school boxing with modern fitness. Yes we can make you fit, and it can lead to have a very good shape.

Training can be taken by various modes like you can go for an Outdoor Personal Trainer, or Outside Boxing trainer.

One on One Outsider Boxing Training

Boxing Training

Boxing training is basically a method used for training for everybody so that they can become fit and healthy. This training can be done with the help of an outdoor personal trainer.

The methods and types of exercise to be done depends on the person. The workout for each individual varies according to their level. It is the point at which they are in their life that decides the work out needed.

In case the the person is a beginner he/ she needs to include the smallest about of exercise in their routine, we will help you with that. So you will learn as to how to get in boxing guard position or Jump Rope. It can also include doing shadow boxing with your trainer In this, a learner can practice even skipping rope, and mitt work they all possible to do with outdoor Boxing Training.

One on One Outsider Boxing Training

Equipment needed

Not only getting fit is the requirement of the boxer, but it also requires him to have the equipment. The safety equipment that all you need for boxing training requires is hand wraps, Jump rope, heavy bag gloves, and sparring gloves to protect the hands. Likewise, headgear, groin guard, mouthpiece are used to protect the head, mouth, etc.

  • Here are some of the pieces of equipment you will need for outdoor boxing lessons.
  1. Jump Rope
  2. Boxing Gloves
  3. Hand Wrap

Toronto Boxing Gloves Buy

Don’t be absent-minded about protection, and make sure to take all you need.

Floyd Mayweather Jump Rope


The boxer if needs to become proficient and want to stay fit can use the following training equipment. The boxer needs to get trained by the following exercises, which should be done in the guidance of a personal trainer. The exercise can be done properly when done under an outdoor boxing training.

  1. Jump Rope: It is the type of exercise used by those used by the one’s training for boxing. Jumping rope is considered […]

Does Jumping Rope Burn Fat?

Home workouts have become very popular lately. Does jumping rope burn fat? so whether you’re looking to work out without leaving home during the winter or enjoy some sunshine in the park in summer, jump ropes are an affordable and convenient option. But does jumping rope burn fat?

The simple answer is yes. Anything you do, including jumping rope, can burn calories and help you lose fat, as well as provide a great cardio workout for your heart health.

But how much fat can you burn jumping rope? Is it as effective as burpees or going for a run? With limited time for working out, you want to ensure that you’re doing the most effective workout to reach your goals.

If your goal is to burn fat and get optimal results from your workout, then keep reading so we can provide all the information you need to decide if jumping rope is the best option for your weight loss goals.

Does Jump Rope Born Fat ?

Why Jumping is the Best Weight Loss Workout

Fat loss is one of the primary benefits of jumping rope. For a minimal cost to buy a jump rope and the ability to jump almost anywhere, a jump rope is one of the best options for burning fat.

When you start, you may be slow and a little awkward, but as you progress, you can increase your intensity to increase the amount of fat you are burning. So jumping rope can be for beginners but can also continue to be used as you progress through your fitness journey.

You can take your jump rope anywhere; it’s small and light and requires almost no experience to get started. You probably jumped rope at school, so you understand the basics, and in no time, you’ll be back to jumping. You can do it on your lunch break, do it in your living room while you watch TV, and you can even take it with you when you travel.

What Is The Best Jump Rope Method For Burning Fat?

All studies on styles of workouts show that HIIT workouts burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. But, what exactly is a HIIT workout?

HIIT Workouts For Burning Fat

Without boring you with complex details, a HIIT workout or “High-Intensity Interval Training” is a method where you switch between periods of high intensity and low-intensity cardio.

For example, you would jump rope as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then slow to a regular pace of jumping rope for 30 seconds. You repeat this five times and can then take a short break and repeat. The amount of time can be dependent, and as you progress, you […]

ALL You Need To Know About A House Fitness Trainer

You do not know how to find a good trainer for you? if you do want to hire an in house personal trainer, there are so many trainers out there, however which one you should pick?

Do not worry this article will help you to learn!

First of all, what kind of skills and experience should have your ideal in-home personal trainer?

Unquestionably, having a great in home personal trainer will assist you in setting proper fitness goals. Accomplish your targets quicker and keep you on track for your goals and prevent potential injuries.

In House Trainer Toronto

Currently everyone is trying to find the best in home personal trainer because of current circumstances push people to protect themselves from Covid

Company CEOs, athletes, and celebrities have their own fitness trainers.

No doubt, this is for quite good reason – having a professional trainer to help you keep on track, keep you healthy, and find you to best way to achieve your fitness goals.

When you hire a Personal trainer, you will be able to focus your energy on other stuff like work, family, social life, etc. And of course, you would like to make sure that you are hiring someone who is knowledgeable and who understand your unique fitness goals and concerns.

For example, if you want to focus on more increasing your Endurance level or targeting more fitness and boxing technique or 50 – 50 everything. These are very important to understand and design the most enjoyable workout programs.

This post will cover all aspects you should consider finding your ideal in home personal boxing trainer. So, let’s get started…

Being a working man or a women is not easy. Your life becomes very busy in keeping a balance between your professional and personal life. And in all this, you usually forget to take care of your health and fitness, which invites many diseases and risks to physical problems. Going gym every day might be impossible for many of you, but it’s essential to keep yourself healthy, so what should one do in this situation?

Exercising at home is one solution, but there is a problem when you don’t have the correct guidance and knowledge. But don’t worry, this problem can be solved by hiring a house personal trainer who will come to your house daily and help you keep you fit. Read the full article to know more about how you can keep yourself fit with the guidance of a house fitness trainer.

in House Trainer Toronto

4 Must- Knows About a House Fitness Trainer

Who Are House Fitness Trainers?

Gyms can be intimidating for some people. Unsurprisingly, most people prefer to exercise in the comfort, privacy, and safety of their own home when given the option. Alternatively, if it is a matter of […]

The Benefits To Expect From An In-Home Personal Trainer In Toronto 

In this article we will talk about the benefit of In Home Personal Boxing Training. if you want to hire a boxing personal trainer this article will help you to get some idea.


Staying fit is a challenging task, especially for beginners who have yet to adapt to a regular workout and nutrition plans.

Out of the millions of New Year’s resolutions to get fit, only a small percentage of those people achieve their goals. which is due to several factors such as the lack of proper guiding, motivation, and a personalized plan.

For years, researchers investigated the best ways to keep people chasing after their fitness goals and found that one effective approach is to work with a personal trainer.

However, due to personal and professional occupations as well as the current global pandemic, going to the gym or fitness centers is not always an option.

For this reason, we are offering an in-home boxing personal trainer for people living in Toronto.

To convince you of the efficacy of working with a personal trainer, we will discuss the benefits you can expect, as well as some information about how we do things.

The benefits of working with a personal trainer

Initial evaluation

This step is probably the most important.

By assessing your initial status, your trainer will be able to plan for the short and long-term SMART goals.

You see, beginners often make mistakes while trying to working out by themselves and it sometimes end up with serious injuries. In reality, managing your expectations is crucial to maintaining the motivation with proper technique to keep you going.

Moreover, the personal trainer will assess your physical characteristics, looking for strengths and weaknesses, which are important factors in the grand scheme of things.

Personalized plan

Workout plans are not “a one size-fit all” kind of thing. On the contrary, each person needs a personalized plan that takes into consideration his/her strengths, weaknesses, and ultimate goals.

It is true that consistent physical activity will give you results regardless of its nature. But we want to reach results and witness them faster! This way, we will be motivated enough to keep going.

Several studies found that following a personalized workout plan yields better and faster results than conventional plans, which can be explained by addressing the trainee’s specific needs rather than adopting a generic approach.


Motivational speeches are indeed a great way to boost energy and determination; however, accountability is more important!

Your personal trainer will keep you in check, preventing you from cheating during exercises and keep you on the right track.

The mere fact that someone is constantly evaluating the progress you’re making is enough to make you work twice as hard.

Accountability is key!

Honor Athletics Boxing

Best in home workouts

What is considered the best in home workout? Honor Athletics can help you with that! The best at home workout is the one that costs you almost nothing, but you maximize all the benefits of working out. During these tough times of covid-19 we are forced to look for alternatives since gyms are closed. Luckily, we have so many resources to look up effect in home workouts. All you need to get an effective training is just your body weight and some furniture. In this article we will be discussing Body weight training, Set Reps/Temp and frequency and best exercises to pick when planning a workout at home.

Body Weight training

There are many benefits to using in home body weight training. Firstly, its cost is free, and you can still build your muscle like a Greek god. Doing your workout at home can also increase body awareness, giving you the ability to control certain muscles turning them off and on as you please. For example, a lot of people do not know how to turn on their glutes, this can cause a lot of low back pain and poor posture.

Another pro to body weight workout is that any one can preform these exercises at their own pace. That exercises active more synergist muscles.

Home Workout Toronto

What Does It mean?

it means help stabilize joints during movement which is a good thing. With a well stable joint you reduce the risk of injuries. Body weight exercises are also safe to do, without the risk of a plate crushing your foot or a barbell dropping on your chest. These exercises are also commonly used to rehabilitate people with injuries.

Sets Reps/Tempo/frequency

It is recommended that people accumulate at least 150 mins of physical activity weekly for a in home workout. Since we are quarantined time is all we have. To reach 150mins what you could do is 30mins moderate to vigorous intensity, 5 days a week. You can break that 150mins up in the week how ever you like, as long as your hitting the 150mins week recommendation. To calculate your moderate intensity, you can use the age predicted heart rate max formula which is 208 – (0.7xage) = X. X x 64%-76% = moderate intensity for you.


be in a range of 64% and 76% percent of your heart rate max. If you do not have a smart watch to keep track of your heart rate, you could use a talk test. If you are working at a moderate level, you are only able to say a couple of words. To calculate vigorous activity level, it is 77% to 95% of your age predicted heart rate max. During vigorous activity you are not able to speak a word with out being out of breath.