How To Jump Rope Like Mike Tyson?

Do you want to learn how to Jump Rope Like Mike Tyson?

If your answer is yes , then you are at the right place!

In this article, you will learn and get more knowledge about the jumping rope techniques of the boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Many of you might know who Mike Tyson is, but we will give a brief introduction about him before starting with his jumping rope techniques for the readers who may be less familiar.

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Who is Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson is a heavyweight boxing champion who is very well known for his boxing techniques on the ring. He was born on June 30, 1966 and his height is 1.78 m. When he was just 20 years old, he became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion of the world in 1986. He is very famous for his jumping rope techniques. This legend is not only entertaining in the boxing ring itself, but he is also amazingly entertaining to watch when he is jumping rope. So, in this article, we’ll cover the best and most famous techniques of him that will let you learn how to Jump Rope Like Mike Tyson.

Why Jump Rope Training ?

Jump rope training is a very popular WORKOUT followed by many past legends of sports like Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, and Muhammad Ali . Jumping rope builds endurance, stamina, and more importantly help boxers to improve their foot work and coordination skills.

It is the reason why many boxers and athletes are put a lot of skip rope workout in their workout routine. From Mike Tyson to Muhammad Ali, all the famous boxers include jumping rope can do so many different boxing workout technique to increase their coordination, speed, endurance skills to become the best fighter. The practice of jumping rope helps with conditioning, which builds not only for fast twitch muscle fibers (type 2) but slow-twitch (type 1) muscle fibers would also improve with jump rope training.

Mike Tyson Jump Rope Workout

Push The Limits

Due to this, boxers can go for miles and keep their energy level up even in the later rounds when weariness and exhaustion start to take place.

Because of this training method, they will still feel strong even for the last round !!

The jump rope training has its own unique value as it is an essential exercise for building speed, training footwork, and increasing agility. It is the only fitness technique from which you can get all the fitness benefits. So, if you want to learn the technique of jumping the rope, you must surely learn how Mike Tyson does it because his techniques can build you into the perfect athlete.

Now let’s look at how to jump rope like Mike Tyson. It might be a dream for many of you to learn the rope jumping techniques of Mike Tyson.

How To Jump Rope Like “Iron Mike”? – Mike Tyson Jump Rope Workout

Boxing is not only about having the power to out-punch your rival, but you need plenty of skills such as speed and balance up your sleeve too. The former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson jumps rope to improve his movement, such as speed and coordination. By his jumping roping techniques, Mike Tyson showed that a boxer never loses his skills.

It means skipping rope is like riding a bicycle, when you learn the technique you will never forget it !!

Before starting with the techniques of jump rope workout, there are few things that you must know. Many of these moves and workouts are a bit advanced so, before starting the advanced moves, you must make sure that you have mastered all the basic moves like regular bounce, sideswipe, etc.

To learn Mike Tyson’s jump rope workout and techniques, you will only need two basic requirements: enough space to perform a workout and a jump rope of good quality. You can either head out to your nearby park for doing the workout, or you can just jump in your home or in a gym. It is essential to keep in mind that if you are doing the workout on a hard or concrete surface, then you should consider to use a rubber mat to avoid any sort of injury and lessen the impact on your joints.

Workout with boxingTraining

Let’s Get Start With Mike Tyson’s Jump Rope Workout!

If You Have Never Done Jump Rope Workout You can Start With Watching This Video

  • Fast Regular Bounce

The first and foremost jump rope workout of Mike Tyson is Fast Regular Bounce. This is one of the most primary workouts that you must master before heading towards the advanced ones. For this workout, just do the regular jump ropes bounce, and along with that, you must focus on spinning the rope at a faster speed.

Even if you jump the rope faster than usual, a lot of movement is not required here. While performing this move, you must make sure to keep your elbows in, hands sticking out to the sides of your hips, and your feet should come about only 1 – 2 inches off the ground.

Be careful ! Do not jump too high because if you jump too high you will get tired too fast and your joint will get more unnecessary pressure!

 Mike Tyson Jump Rope Squat

  • Jump Squat Side Swing

It it Mike Tyson’s most famous workout trick, looks very impressive for sure.

We know you really want to do this exercise

But !!

Before start doing the Mike Tyson Jump Squat you need to work on your hip flexors, hamstring, gluteus maximus muscles to increase resistance of your muscle fibers.

We recommend you to do some low impact squat with no jump first!

Try to not do deep squat for the beginning!

Last but not least, Jump Squat Side Swipe is one of the most famous jump rope workouts of Mike Tyson that many of you might also have seen him doing multiple times in his videos. This jump rope workout is a little tricky to get done correctly, therefore in order to get this move right, you must first start with mini jump squats before you even have the jump rope.

This move is swift, so you don’t come up all the way. Just go down into a squat position slightly lower than 90 degrees and then only come part of the way back up. During this entire workout, you have to keep all your weight on your toes and not on your heels and make sure to stay 1-2 inches off the ground while jumping. While Doing Squat, you have to lift the handles to your head when you are going down into the squat position. If you don’t do this, you will mess up the entire workout.

As we said if you skip working out on your lower body muscles you will get very serious injuries !

Mike Tyson Jump Rope Tutorial Video

  • Boxer Step

The third jump rope workout is the Boxer Step. This workout technique is a bit like the regular bounce with some minor changes in it. In the Boxer Step, you just need to do the same motions as the typical bounce except to put your weight on alternating foot by switch between your right foot and your left foot.

Instead, you have to jump on ball of your foot, it will take some time to understand the rhythm and coordination.

Take your time, be patient and do not forget nobody learn this technique in one day even Mike!

In the Boxer Step, eventually you need to maintain a faster pace; therefore, you must make sure while pushing yourself as hard as you should be carful to not get injured. This is a part of the basic workout. Consequently, it would be best if you master it first before heading towards the advanced one.

  • Side Swing

For Side Swing, simply start with regular bounce first. When you get the rhythm you need to do it with boxer step. When you start with this technique, begin with one side swing on each sides as you go along. It would help if you roll your right arm over your left arm for doing a side swing and then repeat the same process vice versa as the jump rope swings to the sides. This move is a bit advanced compared to the above two; therefore, you might take a little bit of time to master this move.

While doing side swings, make sure to keep your knees bent, and it is vital to control the movement with your wrists and forearm.

Try to keep your shoulders still !

At the beginning of this workout, you will find it a bit difficult, so if you can’t do side swings while jumping, you can make it somewhat easy by doing just a few sides swings without jumping and then get back to the boxer step.

Crossover Workout

  • Side Swipe Double

Side Swipe Double is the jump rope workout, which is the same as the previous one with just a little difference. As the name of the workout suggests, all you need to do in this workout is that instead of doing a single under in the middle, all you have to do is to do a double under. And that’s it. This was the only difference between the two.

While doing the Side Swipe Double workout, make sure to keep your knees bent, keep all your movements under control, and maintain a proper posture and form. It will require a lot of your efforts and practice to master this jump rope workout.

  • Side Swing CrissCross (Cross Over)

Side Swing CrissCross also call Cross Over is similar to the last two workouts i.e., Side Swing Single and Side Swing Double. In this workout, you have to do a side swipe on the left and right sides and then crisscross the rope when you come back to the middle.

This workout requires a lot of your time to practice and master it. You just have to focus on using the correct technique, and as you will practice it more, you will start building up your speed as well.

Under Leg hand Pass Jump Rope

  • Under Leg Hand Pass

Before starting this exercise you need to make sure you have no hip joint problem.

In additional if you have tight hamstrings and gluteus maximus you have a higher risk of getting hurt and causing serious injuries.

Be sure to stretch your hamstrings and gluteus maximus muscles

Under Leg Hand Pass is the signature move for all the boxers, and you will find Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather doing this workout very often. To get started with the Under Leg Hand Pass, begin it by swinging the jump rope in the middle and under your feet. After that, carry on by doing a side swing on the left side and then on the right side and then come to the middle. Make sure to do the right swing before coming back to the middle.

This is an advanced move, which is more about rhythm than going fast. Therefore, this challenging workout will require you to practice more in order to learn it properly. A next workout is just an advanced form of this workout. Have a look!

The Final Verdict

Wasn’t it interesting to get to know how to jump rope like Mike Tyson? All the above discussed Mike Tyson’s Jump Rope workouts would really prove to be beneficial if you want to develop your jumping rope skills. All the advanced workouts will require much of your efforts and practice, but as you will practice them on a regular basis, you will master them all.

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