What is The Best Jump Rope for Beginners ?

Nowadays Jump rope is starting to become a very popular exercise and everybody wants to add it in their workout routine. If you want to learn how to find the best jump rope for beginner you are in the right place!

You can skip rope anywhere you want!

There are several benefits to jumping rope that go beyond the boxing ring. You can practice just about anywhere and the workouts can help enhance your footwork, cardio, endurance and overall health. On top of all, with the current COVID-19 outbreak turning our homes into our gyms, a jump rope is the perfect gear addition to have on hand to get in some extra cardio workout without taking up tons of space.

Well, we must say that once upon a time picking out a jump rope was quite easy. You had a choice between the leather, metal or beaded jump rope. Today, as skipping has grown in popularity for overall fitness and as a sport, you have apparently endless styles and varieties of ropes to choose from.

So, if you’re just starting out and wondering what is the best jump rope for beginners, then look no further from Honor Athletics Jump Rope.

Best Jump Rope for Beginners

Best Jump Rope for Beginners – Honor Athletics Jump Rope

Also known as a “Flash Rope”, Honor Athletics Jump Rope is the best design rope for all fitness levels. It delivers the optimized speed you can reach, with a streamlined and solid design that offers comfortable and tangle-free jump rope experience. Ideal for double unders, MMA, boxing, and cardio fitness training, this jump rope can help you discover your true strength and untap your potential.

Key Features:

  • It is 10 ft (3.05 m in length), thus it is ideal for tall people.
  • Made from durable vinyl PVC and is 5 mm.
  • Adjustable speed rope.
  • Made to be very lightweight and enables superior control.
  • Comes in many different colors to choose from – Yellow, Green, Neon Orange, Snow White and Black.
  • Includes a complete instruction guide to help you get started with your jump rope journey.

Jump Rope Tricks for Beginners

Alright, you now know about the best jump rope for beginners. Good. Now, how to get started?

You can also watch this Jump Rope tutorial video to learn technique

Continue reading to learn some basic jump rope beginner tricks that you must practice to learn the jumping rope skill. Yes, you’re indeed learning a new skill. When it comes to skipping rope, there are some simple yet crucial things you must know.

Let’s see what you should know:


Hand Positioning

Where your hands are positioned while skipping rope is very vital. To be particular, you want to concentrate on two things.

  • Symmetry- You want to make certain that both hands are the same distance away from the midline of the body.
  • Position- Your elbows should be positioned close to your upper torso, and your shoulders should be relaxed.
  • Movement – You want to make certain that there’s minimal movement of your shoulders and elbows. The rotation of jump rope should be driven by your wrists.

Proper Skipping

Jumping rope is all about consistent skipping.

Notice we used the word “skipping” instead of “jumping”. There is a very important difference here. For jumping rope, you want to minimize the space that you create between the ground and yourself. Your skips should be roughly one to two inches off the floor. In addition to that, you don’t want to tuck the knees or pull feet back. A proper skip motion should feel like you are keeping toes pointed down a little in every skip.

Another important thing to be noted is to make certain that there’s always a slender bend in knees and that you’re landing gently on the balls of your feet each skip. This, in turn, will make sure that stresses from skipping rope are nicely dissipated through the body.

Your first Exercise Honor Athletics

Your First Jump Rope Workout/Exercise

Once feeling comfortable with the basics, you’re all set for your first jump rope workout. The first exercise you like or must learn is the basic jump.

The basic jump is the most basic jump rope workout every beginner must learn. It’s a simple workout that we will use often in our workouts, especially with heavy ropes. If you’re new to skipping rope, then we highly recommend learning this workout before you move to any of the other workouts. Below are the things to be taken into account:

  • Keep feet close together when you jump.
  • Always skip on the mid-soles of the feet and land softly
  • Keep jumping height low ( You do not have to jump too high to make rope slide under your feet)
  • Keep knees a bit bent at all times. (Do not bend too much)
  • Straight body position, neutral spine
  • Chest up, head up and head looking forward.
  • Keep shoulders pulled back and elbows held down as well as back.
  • Keep hands along the center of your body
  • Use wrists and forearm to turn the rope – not your shoulders.

After learn this essential beginner jump rope technique. Now you can start the second part.

The basic jump rope requires a little bit of practice and effort until you get the timing and rhythm down. We recommend you take advantage of a mirror that will help you, especially in the begging of a jumping rope workout. Pay attention to any posture or symmetry issues you may be encountering.

Once you start feeling comfortable with the basic jump, you’ll have built the essential platform for developing other jump rope variations and workouts. The jump rope workouts we recommend you to learn after the basic jump are:

  • The boxer step
  • The alternate footstep
  • The side swing
  • The cross-over
  • The double under


Be sure you do not try to learn all this tricks in one time. Divide the days, for example if you want to learn side swing, focus only side swing in your workout.

Last Few Words:

So, that’s it. Thanks for investing your time to go through our guide to jumping rope for beginners. Let’s have a quick recap of what you’ve learned here.

You have learned about the best jump rope for beginners – that’s none other than Honor Athletics Jump Rope which can accelerate your workout to an entirely new level. Mix a jump rope practice into your regular boxing training and use it to accomplish a wide range of fitness goals.

In addition to that, you’ve learned some basic jump rope tricks and techniques to help you get started with your jumping rope journey.

Got any questions or want to share something about jumping rope?

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