Beginner Boxing Lessons

Want to undertake beginner boxing lessons to get in shape, but not sure whether it’s the right move? If so, then spare some time to read the post below and learn everything you know about it before considering boxing to get fit.

Well, you’re not alone!! Many people look for a new way to stay in shape. Believe it or not…boxing could be the right answer. While on the apparent, a challenging and brutal looking sport, in reality, the coordination, stamina, the sculpting required for boxing could benefit everyone.

There are plenty of fitness trends out there which may sound great but are not an ideal fit for everyone. For instance, Basketball may appear like fun, but for people who are not naturally coordinated, it may prove to be a little bit of a challenge. Similarly, running can be a perfect approach to zone out and get in shape but quickly wears on ligaments and joints. On the other hand, fitness beginner boxing lessons are ideal for absolutely everyone.

Also known as the “sweet science”, boxing is one of the most efficient and oldest combat sports. It uses a lot of different training methods such as footwork, hook jab, slip and roll for defensive and offensive purposes.

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Reasons Why Boxing is Ideal for Everyone

People who consider boxing at a very young age are quite fortunate. They get more time to ascertain and comprehend the intricacies of this sport that could take years for most people to master. It may not look like from a distance, but boxing is the most technical martial art discipline out there. It goes without saying that it requires many years of practice if you want to be professional boxer.

But, if you just want to lose some weight while learning boxing techniques it is never late to start

For beginners, you need to fully be ready to adapt your body for moving in certain ways. As we said before boxing is a full body workout. From the head to foot, boxing requires a great attention to detail in all techniques. The more time you give, the better you become!

But, unfortunately there is a common stereotype and misconception, boxing isn’t just a young person’s game. A person of any gender or age can begin to learn boxing. All you need to understand is that boxing is a most physical workout in existence and you would be ready to ascertain every little detail in your boxing personal training.

Below are some of the reasons why everyone can start boxing:

Beginner Boxing Lessons

  • Every individual can benefit from exercise

It should be very obvious to a person who values their overall well-being that consistent physical exercise is essential to the human body, irrespective of the age. It can do great to your body at any juncture. Exercising gets the blood circulating throughout the body and improve cardiovascular health. And boxing is considered as one of the most high intensity workout. So, it has the capability to get you in shape in an efficient and quick manner. Moreover, it engages all of your muscle fibers from quadriceps to latismus dorsi muscles.

With age, we tend to start to slow down and life pace begins to taper off and that’s why it is essential to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. And boxing could be the thing to provide you every day that much-essential boost and keep you fit, most importantly make you have fun!

  • Train at your own pace

While you now got a notion of what boxing truly needs, it is imperative to know that learning a martial art is an innately personal trial. It means, even though there is lots of ground to cover, you can certainly go and ascertain at your own pace, because everybody might have a different style.

When it comes to boxing, the basics are quite easy to follow and learn. From understanding the essential techniques, movements, and combinations, to gaining basic defensive skills, the numerous techniques in the sport are quite simple. As a result, it makes the boxing ideal for people to begin at any age. So, considering beginner boxing lessons as a way to get in shape could be your wise decision.

Considering the above two points, it is now very clear that your age truly doesn’t matter to join beginner boxing lessons Moreover, if you’re wondering whether it’s important to have some fitness background to join a boxing muscle condition lessons, then the short answer is No!! No matter what you look like, you can consider boxing as your ideal way to stay fit and healthy!!

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Boxing is Truly Fun Workout!!

There is a reason why everybody like boxing and it is always so popular. If there is one thing in which boxing beats fitness exercises is Fun!! Believe it or not…

If you ever plan to get success at anything, then it has to be interesting and fun. Else, it becomes boring, work or chore and you’ll definitely quit before you get a routine going. That’s the biggest problem with most workouts. On the other hand, boxing could provide you a lot of energy as well as endorphins and you’ll certainly find yourself having the great fun you have ever experienced with a workout. It’s truly an enjoyable experience to ascertain and practice boxing that you’ll truly find yourself thinking about your sport, even outside of your training class.

In short, it’s a workout you would love to stick to!!

No matter what your age or fitness background is, if you have been seeking something new and engaging to keep yourself fit, give a try to boxing. Register for our beginner boxing lessons today and start your fitness journey. In our boxing classes or personal training for beginners, we begin from a zero level. You’ll learn things at your own pace in our beginner boxing class environment. And eventually you will train like a pro boxer

Boxing can do great for your physical, spiritual, and mental health with its several benefits. It’s time to grab your boxing gloves and let’s start the journey together!!

Any more doubts? Feel free to get in touch with us. We’re here to help you have a start without any questions in the mind.

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Beginner Boxing Lessons

Boost Your Boxing Skills With Toronto Beginner Boxing Lessons!

The training of a boxer is indeed all about intensity and practice. You may spend hours watching video tutorials, but you won’t be able to have confidence in your skills unless you practice them. Whether you want to play boxing on a professional level or your goal is to just keep your body fit and in the best shape, you can start practicing boxing by including some beginner boxing lessons in your daily routine.

Beginner Boxing Lessons Toronto

What Are Some Beginner Boxing Exercises?

If you are at a beginner level, you can consider joining boxing group classes. But you must divide your boxing workout into two major goals, i.e., improving your conditioning and improving your technique. Wondering why? Simply because technique and conditioning can make or break your game when it comes to boxing.

Conditioning is imperative because no matter how brilliant your skills are, if you are not able to box for more than three to four rounds, your opponent being less skilled, will beat you in no time. On the other side, if you are in good physical shape and your boxing techniques are not up to the mark, any opponent with a little more experience and understanding will win the game.

That’s why it is significant for you to include such exercises in your beginner boxing lessons which can help you focus on both aspects. You can get going with some exercises in your backyard or terrace with minimum equipment. However, if you want to master the art, join Toronto beginner boxing lessons. Be it proper stance, basic punches, or tips to ace the game; everything will be covered. Here are two drills that you can include in your beginner boxing lessons.

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Drill 1: Movement including 2 Slips, 2 Rolls and Shuffle Back & Forward (For 180 seconds)

  • Slip: It is basically a head dodge for a coming strike. The aim of a slip is to move the head just so as to avoid the punch but not too much that you lose your balance. To practice it, bend your knees a bit and lean your body weight to the side that you want to slip to. When you perform a slip, you just have to move the body left or right side.
  • Roll: In a fluid movement, go down in the boxing stance and shift your weight from one leg to another. Now, rise up to a standing position. The simplest way to think about performing a perfect roll is to picture yourself making “U.”
  • Shuffle: Move the rear foot one step back and allow the front foot to follow the same. To shuffle forward, take your front foot, step forward and allow the back foot to follow.

Drill 2: Punch Combination of Jab, Cross, and Lead Hook (For 180 seconds)

  • Jab: It is a lead hand punch that is thrown straight ahead with the non-dominant hand. It is not a power punch but is used to set up other punches. The jab hand should be on the side of the lead foot. Move the hand as you shift from the guard into a jab. The hand and elbow should be flat as a table with no bend at all. Rotate the hand back into the guard position as you throw it out.
  • Cross: Execute the same movement as a jab but with a rear hand. Make sure to pivot the back foot when you throw a punch. It will give power through the buttocks. Return the hand to the guard situation.
  • Lead Hook: With the jab hand, perform a basic hook. Bend the arm at the elbow level and rotate the buttocks in the same direction that you are punching. Perform lead hook and return the hand to the guard position.

How Boxing Will Help You In The Daily Life Routine To Focus?

Joining Toronto beginner boxing lessons has physical and mental benefits both. Boxing allows you to push your limitations physically, which in return improves your mental health as well. There’s no doubt that boxing will enable you to discover yourself. If you are a student or working somewhere, including boxing in your daily routine will help you stay focus in the following ways:

1. You Can Cut Off From the World Outside and Be Present In the Moment:

During boxing, you are required to focus fully on the task at hand. In out to perform great at boxing, you need to be able to cut off from the outside world and be cent percent focused every day to craft your skills. Boxing is fun and allows you to spare some time to improve each day.

2. It Is An Excellent Form Of Street Manage:

Any physical activity helps in reducing stress, and boxing is no different. While working out on the punching bag, the brain maximizes the production of endorphins. These neurotransmitters create feel-good thoughts in the body. The punching will help you relieve stress, and you continue the process; you will find your focus is greatly improved.

Boxing Lessons Toronto

3. Boxing Workout increase Your Motivation:

One of the best things about boxing is that most times, it involves more than one person. In boxing group classes, when you are sparring together, doing pair work, or even helping someone while they perform sit-ups, it makes you a great motivator. When you work out in a group during cardio conditioning or building strength sessions, etc., it allows you to uplift yourself and other people at the same time.

4. It makes you learn about yourself:

Boxing is a brilliant way of getting to know yourself. The more you indulge in the game, you will start understanding how your brain reacts and works in a particular situation. A bout is more strategic than throwing infinite punches on your opponent. When you practice different techniques with precision and focus, it enables you to handle both your physical balance and reflexes.

5. Boxing is a great way to build self-confidence:

Boxing not just contributes to developing physical strength, but it also helps you feel more powerful mentally. It develops a fighting spirit in the personality that enables you to deal with all the challenging situations in life. You will learn many mental skills in Toronto beginner boxing lessons that you can use effectively outside the ring.